Our History

Samuel W. Douglass established Douglass Airline Funeral Coordinators 49 years ago. It was created in response to a small incident where two pilots were killed in a training accident. The airline, unsure of how to handle the return of the pilot’s remains, asked Jacque Douglass, then head of the Clipper Club, if her husband Samuel, a second generation Funeral Director, would assist them.

They were pleased with the outcome; He accomplished the task quickly and kept the Airline’s name out of the press.

So when other airlines had incidents, they asked whom they had used and Douglass Airline Funeral Coordinators name kept surfacing.

Since then we have handled the return of the remains in 38 Aircraft disasters for 15 airlines in 23 cities handling more than 3500 victims returning to 20 different countries.

Our goal is to get the victims identified and returned home in a rapid yet dignified manner so you can get the incident out of the press.